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Enrollment FAQ

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If I have a student currently enrolled, will I need to apply for the lottery in the future?

Once you are enrolled at GFA you will be automatically enrolled for the following year.

How many students will be enrolled at Good Foundations Academy?

Good Foundations Academy may enroll 463 students in grades K-6.  

  • Kindergarten may have approximately 80 students.
  • First Grade may have approximately 72 students.
  • Second Grade may have approximately 72 students.
  • Third Grade may have approximately 52 students.
  • Fourth Grade may have approximately 75 students.
  • Fifth Grade may have approximately 60 students.
  • Sixth Grade may have approximately 52 students.

If I turn in my application, how long until I find out if I get in?

You can find the date of the next lottery on our enrollment page. You will find out via e-mail within 10 days of the lottery whether you are being offered a spot or are on the waiting list.

If I have a current student that attends GFA do I still need to enroll their siblings in the lottery?

Siblings of currently enrolled students will be accepted before we do our first lottery. If there are more siblings than openings, we will hold a lottery just for sibling students.

What happens if I have multiple students in the lottery?

If only one student is offered a spot, the other student(s) will be put on the sibling waiting list which is above the general waiting list.

Is there a separate lottery and waiting list for AM and PM Kindergarten?

There is only one lottery and waiting list for kindergarten. After all the kindergarten spots have been filled we will try our best to assign everyone their preference for AM or PM.

What is the deadline to accept my child's spot?

After you receive an acceptance e-mail, you have 10 days to accept the spot in writing via e-mail or fax.

What documents do I need to provide at registration?

A birth certificate, immunization record and for Kindergarten students, proof of a kindergarten medical exam, including a vision screening. If you have lost a birth certificate issued by Utah you can order a new one at http://health.utah.gov/vitalrecords/. If you have lost your immunization records please contact your doctor.

When should I submit the registration paperwork?

Once a spot has opened up for your student, you will receive an acceptance e-mail. The e-mail will have the deadline for turning in your registration information. It is generally within 30 days.

How do I get the student records from my child's previous school?

Once you have registered at GFA we will request the records from the previous school and they will be mailed to us within 30 days.