A free, public
K-6 charter
school in

Building Knowledge
& Character

Good Foundations Academy

  • "I love the school because all the teachers and aides truly care for you." Mason, 5th grade
  • "I love that I get to do fun activities like P.E. and Music." Elijah, 5th Grade
  • "We cannot say enough positive things about the education!" GFA Parent
  • "I've been here since Kindergarten, and all my teachers have one thing in common: awesome. Everyone teaches great character." Megan, 6th grade
  • "I cannot say enough about how kind, supportive, and helpful the teachers have been. We've loved each teacher my daughter has had over the years! " GFA Parent
  • "The special programs have been so much fun, creative and memorable." GFA Parent
  • "The office staff are always kind, knowledgeable, and really care my my kiddo!" GFA Parent
  • "Every child that walks through my door holds a special place in my heart! As a teacher and a parent at GFA, I am amazed at what our students learn in our curriculum and character!" Melissa Wood, GFA Teacher & Parent
  • "I like GFA because the teachers make us try our very best. GFA is awesome!" Caleb, 6th Grader
  • "All the GFA teachers are kind. I love all the fun activities in school and at recess." Mailee, 3rd Grader
  • "GFA has been such a blessing in my kids lives. We have enjoyed this school since joining a few years ago." GFA Parent
  • "The heart of GFA is what we adore the most! This is relayed through our daughter when she comes home with a love of learning and for others." GFA Parent
  • "I love the safety I feel with my children at GFA. This gives my heart peace knowing the school is doing everything to keep the children safe." GFA Parent
  • "I love the friendliness of all the staff members in the office. Each morning we are greeted by happy faces." GFA Parent
  • "GFA has some amazing staff and teachers. I know they genuinely care about my son. My son loves the music program at GFA and being a part of the play every year." GFA Parent
  • "Our family has greatly valued our time at GFA. There is a great balance of academic excellence and a caring for the student. They have experienced teachers and staff that have worked hard to know their students and help them do their best!" GFA Parent
  • "GFA is not just an ordinary school. It's a school of building firm foundations for later years to come." McKenzie, 6th Grader