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Shelly Wickham

Character Director

Mrs. Shelly Johnson-Wickham has worked in the field of education for over 20 years.  She began in a rural Jr./Sr. High School teaching students with special needs.  She finished her Master in Education at UCM before moving out west. She had a variety of adventures working in different classrooms with amazing students at C.M.Russell High School in Great Falls, MT and then moving to Cheyenne, WY where she continued working with Special Ed. students in a self-contained behavioral program.  She believes each child is an unique individual, who desires a secure, caring, and stimulating atmosphere in which to learn.  As the Student Character Coordinator, she feels lucky to be part of a team committed to ensuring students have an enriched environment to help them develop into successful learners throughout their entire lives. “With strong relationships and high expectations, we can teach a diverse group of children to achieve greatness within our walls.   I want for each of the students attending GFA to be of stronger character when they leave than when they arrived.  I want for them to have pride in their accomplishments and look forward to the things ahead without trepidation.  We build them up in those accomplishments and give gentle, firm guidance so they can continue to build good habits and a lifelong commitment to having good values.  I believe that as we work within the community of our school we are creating an environment where students can grow and develop, ultimately controlling their own destiny.  We do this as a team of qualified educators and leaders who are passionate about children and what the future holds for them.  After all, they are the ones that will be the leaders of our destinies in the very near future.”  

Shelly is recently married and enjoys spending time with her husband Glen and their blended family of 8 children, plus a daughter-in-law.  She enjoys “refurbishing” her furniture finds from garage sales and thrift shops with her husband, and seeing the West with the top down.  You can often find her playing games with her children with a smile on her face, empty bowls in the sink, and the aroma of laughter throughout her home.