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Kristi Knowles


This is Kristi’s third year teaching at Good Foundations Academy. She loves working with the 4th grade team and loves the curriculum she gets to teach at this grade level.  She is passionate about education and students. Kristi loves to read, and is hopeful to instill that love in her students as they learn and grow this year. She started her degree at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. After marrying her husband, who is in the military, she moved to New Mexico and completed her degree at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. After living in New Mexico for five years her family relocated to Pensacola, Florida. To stay home with her three boys, she opened an in-home day care to children in the area. After five years of living in Pensacola the Air Force relocated her family to Hill AFB here in Utah. They arrived the summer of 2015. All three of her children attend GFA and love it.  She loves cooking southern comfort foods for her family and making sweet tea. During the summer, she likes to travel. Her favorite place to visit is Orlando, because all her family lives there. Of course being from Orlando she is a big Disney fan. Her first job as a teenager was working at Disney World in Orlando. Her past students will tell you how much she enjoys taking fun disney trivia and incorporating it into her classroom.