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What are charter schools?

Charter schools are independent public schools allowed freedom to be more innovative, while being held accountable for improved student achievement. They foster a partnership between parents, teachers and students to create an environment in which parents can be more involved, teachers are given the freedom to innovate and students are provided the structure they need to learn, with all three held accountable for improved student achievement.

What role do parents play?

Parent volunteers are an integral part of the school's success. Families are encouraged to volunteer 30 hours per year to support our students. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Volunteering as room parent for a student's classroom
  • Participating in the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) Committee
  • Assisting with the Box Top/Labels for Education Team
  • Volunteering at book fairs
  • Attending field trips and special events

What can parents do to help prepare students?

1. Review our website for information on curriculum and standards at GFA:

2. Provide reading experiences in high quality literature (shared reading, read-alouds, or independent reading is appropriate). Review GFA's reading list for more information:

3. Attend Parent-Teacher Confereces and Parent University Nights to stay informed about your child's progress and GFA's curriculum

What are students taught in each grade?

You can view a comprehensive guide to the Core Knowledge Curriculum for grades K-8. (Good Foundations Academy will use grades K-6.) Download the Core Knowledge Sequence. GFA is committed to implementing 100% of the Core Knowledge Sequence and is actively pursuing “Official School” status from the Core Knowledge Foundation.

Does GFA offer "Specials" classes?

GFA is pleased to offer high quality opportunities for specials classes. All students (grades K-6) attend PE and Music once each week. Grades 1-6 attend Library/technology class and Art class weekly. Our teachers work together to plan and align curriculum in the specials classes with the classroom content. All teachers are responsible for following the Core Knowledge Sequence and offer instruction in both skills and content for each grade level.

How much homework do students have?

Good Foundations Academy offers a rigorous and challenging educational experience. Students will have homework most nights, including daily reading logs, spelling, and math work. Other work may include projects for science or history, book reports or writing activities, and studies for tests. Students who come to GFA with poor study skills or lack of effective instruction may need to work harder to catch up and may experience a heavier work load initially.

Does GFA offer free and reduced lunch?

Good Foundations Academy participates in the federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Please review our lunch menu page for more information.

Does GFA offer special education services?

It is the goal of GFA to build a culture where excellence and fairness are evident in all we do. Our curriculum is truly rigorous and requires a great deal of commitment and hard work for success. Students with disabilities will be offered access to the full range of our curriculum, including Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, and Character First. All students are held accountable for completing work assigned, for producing work to meet GFA standards (with accommodations when required), and for growing in character and academic skills. Our students with IEPs are integrated into the classroom as much as possible, where they are exposed to an advanced curriculum and effective instruction in a culture of success and student accountability.

Good Foundations Academy has a Special Education department with two full-time resource teachers and four part-time resource aides. We provide services to meet students’ goals for Individual Education Plans (IEPs) as required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). We offer an array of services as needed through contracted vendors, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychological testing and evaluation, and services for visually impaired.

How do test results at GFA compare to other schools?

GFA is confident we offer a challenging and successful educational program. Our students are demonstrating significant academic growth which is well above Utah averages. You can compare the CRT results of all schools in Utah by visiting the Utah State Office of Education (USOE) website and clicking on the PSD Gateway link: http://www.schools.utah.gov/main/

Does GFA offer religious instruction?

Good Foundations Academy is a public school and follows the laws and regulations of Utah regarding religious instruction. The Core Knowledge curriculum includes opportunities to learn about the impact of religion and religious activities in history, but we do not teach religion.

For families who wish to have non-denominational religious instruction for their students, GFA allows Release Time. Twice each week for 45-minute sessions, students may attend Bible Explorers, sponsored by Explorer's Christian Academy. This program is paid for by the parents who choose this option. Those students who stay in the GFA classrooms during this time receive instruction in nonreligious character education.

What is character education?

Comprehensive character education addresses many tough issues in education while developing a positive school climate. It can be effective in any school setting, as our National Schools of Character demonstrate. Educators from this diverse array of schools have transformed their school cultures, reduced discipline referrals, increased academic achievement for all learners, developed global citizens, and improved job satisfaction and retention among teachers.
        - From Character Education Partnership: 

At GFA, character education is woven into our lessons, daily routines, and behavior systems. GFA has identified seven fundamental character traits (Foundation Stones) that we teach and celebrate: Respect, Self-control, Citizenship, Responsibility, Cooperation, Integrity, and Perseverance. Our character education includes:

    • Monthly Assemblies for each Foundation Stone 
    • Stepping Stone awards for students at each assembly 
    • Foundation Stones Reports provided with academic report cards each quarter 
    • Lessons in literature, math, science, and history that celebrate character 
    • Hero projects and writing activities at many grade levels 
    • Classroom management systems that use the character traits
    • Discipline referrals to the office that reinforce and review character traits 
    • Character First! curriculum and resources used to teach and reinforce lessons

How does GFA ensure that teachers are qualified?

At GFA, it is imperative that we hire and retain teachers who are qualified, knowledgeable, and committed to our philosophy. All teachers undergo a rigorous interviewing process. The interview process is conducted by a Hiring Committee that includes members from the Board of Directors and Administration.

GFA carefully monitors the certification and education progress of our teachers. Teachers at GFA are:

  • Certified in Utah
  • Certified in another state and completing Utah certification
  • Participating in a qualified teacher certification program OR
  • Participating in alternative routes to licensure

Once hired, teachers receive regular professional development in Core Knowledge, Singapore Math, character education, and other curriculum components. GFA is a professional learning community where all teachers collaborate, share best practices and resources, and work together to establish a culture that meets the vision of our founders.

What is the class size at GFA, and how many classes are in each grade?

 Kindergarten 4 (AM and PM) 20
 First Grade 3 25
 Second Grade 3 26
 Third Grade 3 26
 Fourth Grade 3 26
 Fifth Grade 3 26
 Sixth Grade 3 23

Does the school require uniforms?

Yes, students at Good Foundations Academy wear uniforms. Click Here for more information about the full dress code and wear to purchase uniforms.

Is transportation to-and-from school provided?

Parents are responsible for transportation for their children. We strongly encourage carpooling and will help coordinate families living in similar geographic locations.

Are there programs available after school?

Good Foundations Academy offers a popular array of after-school activities. GFA after-school activities are FREE. Activities are coordinated and supervised by our specials teachers, with the assistance of parent volunteers and other classroom teachers. Activities are open to all students in grades 1-6, with a lottery process in place when programs exceed capacity. A sampling of our after-school activities include:

  • Indoor fitness
  • Basketball
  • Choir
  • School musical
  • Drama
  • Art

Is before and after-school care available?

Yes, there are two different options for extended care on campus. Please contact the school for more information.

How and when can we enroll?

Please see our enrollment page for more information.

Please feel free to come in for a tour Mondays at 9:00 or Wednesdays at 1:00. If you would like to schedule a tour at a different time, please call the school at 801-393-2950.